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The Lovers

The Lovers tarot card traditionally depicts a naked man and woman hanging out and hooking up together in the beautiful Garden of Eden. Watching over them is the majestic winged Archangel of air, Raphael. His arms are outstretched in blessing, as he encourages the lovers to come closer to each other and to communicate. Behind the woman is the Tree of Knowledge, laden with juicy fruit that is ripe for picking. Around its trunk is the coiled snake that symbolises the well-known Adam and Eve tale and humanity’s fall from grace. The Tree of Life is positioned within easy reach of the man. Its leaves are arranged in shapely fans of flames that represent the 12 individual star signs, and the red-hot passion that is often man’s number 1 priority and motive.

The Lovers is associated with the star sign of Gemini. The twin image is therefore perfectly balanced to highlight yin and yang. The ground at their feet is fertile and rises up to meet the feminine flowing river and the masculine phallic mountain. As the sun shines down upon them, the man looks to the woman proudly announcing: “here I am!” and she gazes up to the angel with a look that says: “what do I do now?”

The Lovers – Upright Meanings

Meanings: Love in all forms, relationships, union, commitment, falling in love, mutual attraction, perfection, choices, alignment, communication, good fortune in matters of the heart.

The Lovers tarot card represents love in all forms, decision-making and choices. In the upright position, the tarot card indicates positive situations and balance in all aspects of life. As the Lovers’ image depicts a man and a woman coming together in perfect harmonious bliss, it’s easy to initially interpret that it’s all about loved-up romantic feelings and intimate partnership. The Lovers however, is about far more than getting lucky, soul mate connections and happy-ever-after.

The bond of trust and balance that is commonly shared between two people in a relationship is clearly evident in the upright Lovers tarot card. In a relationship reading, the tarot card can reflect a close intimate relationship, a deep soul mate or twin flame connection, commitment, engagement and/or marriage. Mutual attraction, chemistry, and strong passionate and sexual desires exist between two people who are willing to explore the possibilities within the union.

The Lovers can also indicate that there are choices to be made, and that you can expect some potential delays. Whilst some people may long to have a choice between two (or more) lovers, that’s not necessary what’s on offer when this card appears in a reading. The choices can represent soul searching, identifying your core values, and the need to know and clarify what you want in life. Are you ready to stay true to your heart’s desires, or are you keen to explore an alternative option? You may be presented with a dilemma that requires careful consideration before you take any course of action.

In the upright position, the Lovers tarot card is associated with important and significant choices that are positive and beneficial to you. Even though the choice may initially be a surprise it’s usually a blessing in disguise. When this card appears in a reading, look for ways to find balance in everything. Tap into the power of feminine and masculine energy, and pay attention to your intuition and inner wisdom. The Lovers is simply drawing your attention to what your heart already knows. If you find yourself at a crossroads in life, pause for reflection and consider the consequences of each choice. Do you want to give in to temptation? Or do you trust your knowledge and instincts to show you the divine path that is perfect for you?

The Lovers – Reversed Meanings

Meanings: Disharmony, imbalance, separation, infidelity, extramarital relations, flirty behaviour, relationship issues, regression.

The Lovers tarot card in the reverse position indicates that life is temporarily out of whack. Although upside down cards are often seen as a warning sign or a negative interpretation, there is always a positive aspect. Delve deep and examine personal issues and inner conflicts that you have been ignoring for some time. If you’ve made a decision in haste, it’s time to go back to the drawing board and start all over again.

In matters of the heart, a reversed Lovers card highlights disharmony and imbalance in your intimate relationship. Stuff’s not always rosy in the Garden of Eden. Perhaps the temptation of an affair was just too irresistible? Or maybe suspicions of disloyalty and infidelity are keeping you awake at night. Instead of blaming your partner, it’s necessary that you take ownership for the decisions you have made. Let go of the past and seek resolution, if you want to avoid the separation that this tarot card also suggests.

In a relationship reading, the reversed Lovers tarot card implies difficulties and issues that require your immediate attention. Are you being truthful and honest with yourself and with your partner? Do you have something to hide? Did you pick the forbidden fruit and now have a price to pay? When this tarot card is inverted you must review your emotional situation if you want to bring balance back into your union. Being out of sync with your partner can be rectified provided that you’re willing to forgive and forget. If you’re simply no longer feeling the passion, it’s time to own up.

In other areas of life, the reversed Lovers tarot card indicates backward motion in your progress. Continuing to avoid taking responsibility for the consequences of your actions is highly likely to prove costly. Taking positive steps in the right direction now will help you to make better choices in the future. You have the spiritual knowledge and the passion required to live the life of your dreams already at your fingertips. Seek advice or counsel from someone you trust, and work on articulating your thoughts, feelings and emotions in a way that benefits you in the long run. If you must make choices, be a wise owl and learn from your previous mistakes. Choose alternative options that offer better positive outcomes.